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All new Diamondback rods are covered by our “Lifetime – Original Owner Warranty.”

Diamondback rods carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects and workmanship. Diamondback will, at their option repair or replace any Diamondback rod which is found to be defective.  The original purchaser must register their rod with Diamondback within 30 days of the purchase date. Rods must be registered prior to warranty claims to avoid additional charges. This warranty does not cover lost sections, lost rods or intentional breakage. Diamondback reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any Diamondback rod covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with comparable models when necessary. Colors and components may vary between original and replacement parts.

The original owner must send the entire Diamondback rods, including broken parts or pieces, freight paid and insured to the Minnesota address listed below.

To service your Diamondback rod, you must fill out the Warranty Service Form. Please follow the instructions stated and be sure to include the Warranty Service Form in the package.

For our Canadian and International customers please submit the “Contact Us” form to receive instructions on how to send in and pack your warranty items.

Thank you for choosing a Diamondback rod!

Diamondback Corp.

855 Village Center Drive #361,

North Oaks, MN 55127


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Small and lightweight

Very good reel for money .you do not want a reel you feel on the rod , light makes casting a breeze. No case just a pouch the only down side. From Scotland.

8' #4 Clout (fast)

This is a really nice rod. When I first saw this rod I thought, "This is different". And having used it a couple of times I still think so. In spite of having "Fast" printed on the blank it is a far cry from an unresponsive, useless broomstick. It is sensitive, bends deeply into the handle, loads up weel and releases the power in an elegant and smooth manner, yet with sufficient brawn. The swing weight feels light, and I feel confident when casting tight loops into the wind. The handle has been easy to get used to, and I hardly notice the different feeling in the hand anymore. Instead I enjoy the benefits of it: The blank working more freely, good grip with wet and/or slimy hands, and the absense of the cork creaking when put under stress as is often the case with massive handles. I can safely say that I recommend this rod.

Meeker Glass Blank

Silent and smooth

Love this reel. For the bucks, this is probably the best reel I own. the drag is smooth. I dont know what they put in it but it's as smooth as my Lamsons and Abels. I got it as a backup reel but it's never left my Lake rod since.

Seriously good fun

What a blank! What a rod! I got both the 6'6" and 8' #5. Both rods are perfect in terms of how much they bend yet how much power they still have. I started out with glass way back and I thought going back to glass may be more romantic than anything. That's not the case. These are my goto rods now for trout in small to medium size rivers and stillwaters.