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Modern, multi-piece fly rods are a complex assembly of segments from materials that must all function together as one system. To insure specific performance and consistent rod action, Diamondback design utilizes its detailed engineering function known as "Diverse Modulus Design (DMD).

DMD is the precise application of a variety of pre-impregnated composite fibers in controlled configurations to finely tune and balance the rod. Taken to exacting measures, this technique refines stiffness, overall blank strength and speed of recovery in specific sections of each rod. 

The results of such painstaking material research and resin/fiber schedules are rods that produce smooth, effortless casts. Such attention to materials and construction will insure the user of a rod capable of maximum performance when battling determined fish, overcoming windswept casting conditions and surviving unexpected punishment from endless fishing trips.




Fly rods are created to perform when they are flexed. Thus Diamondback rods are designed with features to counteract the increased loads repeatedly applied to specific areas from endless flexing.

Diamondback's Core Reinforcement Construction (CRC) is a remarkable rod construction system to bolster blank structure, thereby increasing the circular or "hoop strength" of the rod without piling on added weight.

Isolating and harnessing the added pressures from flexing stress during a cast reduces transmission of uneven fly line waves and allows greater casting accuracy.



DIAMONDBACK LINK GRIP (Available on CLOUT rod series)

A caster is connected to the fly rod through the grip. Much of "how a rod feels" immediately develops from this first rod-user handshake.

Diamondback's LINK GRIP allows more feeling of the rod's internal action. The grip balances comfort with sensitivity and control. This minimal grip design allows the caster immediate sensations from the rod's action. The ribbed area provide relaxed comfort.

The LINK GRIP negates the great amount of pressure most anglers apply to their rod handles because the fingers settle between the carefully shaped cork rings. Hand and wrist fatigue are dramatically reduced even during extensive casting and fish fighting activity.



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