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Great rod

The handle is more comfortable than I anticipated. Alot less handed fatigue and little more feel with a couple fingers actually touching the blank.
Punches well above the cost.

Very pleased!

After breaking my wife’s very expensive rod and sending back for repair, I saw an add for these rods. I ordered the 5 weight as a substitute until her rod is returned. At that point, I will put my expensive rod up and use this one exclusively. We have access to a club where the fish are picky and BIG! This rod was easy to use, accurate and had the backbone to handle fat 20+” fish all day long!

Meeker glass

I really like it. I can't believe how inexpensive it was with the discount they were running for the holidays. Eve. Full price this rod would be a great deal. Slings bugs well and the fit and finish is nice especially for the price. I buy users not tube queens a d this thing is going to get a lot of time on the water.

Nice rod!

Light, accurate and can handle anything

Absolutely love my new Meeker glass 6'6" 2wt. Caught up to 2lb bass on it, plus a ton of panfish and it fights everything well with that butter soft flex. Light, accurate and can handle anything you throw at them. Incredible rod for any money, but especially at the sale / bundle prices. The reels are excellent, too.

Fantastic rod and great value

This rod is super lightweight but has tons of backbone and sensitivity for feeling every strike. Highly recommend.

Clout SP(Special Edition) Fly Reel

Great reel

Great quality and reasonable price

10'6" 4wt Nymph View rod and View reel.

I've fished this set up a handful of times now and I love it. It performs very well.

While its main intent was as a Nymphing rod, it accels on Dry and small streamers also if needed.
Very sensitive, but deffinetly has a solid spine on it as it does work.
I will definitely be adding other Diamondback products to my arsnel.
Very pleased.


9' #5 View

Very nice fly rod. Well built, nice medium-fast action, fast shipping, great price.

Great Casting Rod

I LOVE my 8' 4 weight Meeker Glass. I've fished bamboo and glass rods for years. This rod is superb. I'm on my way out, right now, to fish a morning PMD hatch. Can't wait. -- Perfect for wester rivers and streams in Utah/Idaho.

Diamondback cap

Great cap cork outer very light comfortable fit looks great my new lucky fishing cap

New view

Opened the box and put the rod and reel together 5wt setup awesome colour rod feels like $1000 set up feels great to the hand and balanced well have not used it yet due to season close and waiting on line being in Australia and not that well at the moment but we have some excellent dams also the rod tube is well made love the cork cap can’t wait to get out there and love to represent Dimond back in Australia ps what more of the logo stickers

View Fly Reel

Clout 8’6” MF Rod Build

Just finished this rod and it works great and looks terrific. Everything I could ask for in a great 5 wt

Freakin awesome

Love this reel. Can’t say enough about it.

Diamondback hat

Hats make fishing adventures special, this hat will. I like the cork fabric.

Meeker from Southern Tier of New York

The Meeker 8'6" 6 wt has been in my hand for two weeks now. I find the fit and finish are very nice. While lawn casting, in the cold temps here. The Meeker handles 5,6,and 7 wt lines to about 40 ft. I think the Meeker could be my all around rod. Thanks, Dave

Meeker Class

Great action cast like a custom glass rod, highly recommend!

Clout Blank

Arrived in a timely manner and looks great

I’ll send a review after I build the rod

Perfect Mountain Stream Stick

I went out on a limb two years and chose the 7'6" 3 at. I've always been skiddish with glass rods because theres so much junk being produced now days. But after two years of extensive use in the mountains of North Carolina I'm extremely pleased. Action, durability, price, components, and finish are top notch. This little glass rod is perfect for chasing southern Appalachian brook trout, we call them "specks", in these high elevation, rugged mountains. To say I'm satisfied is an understatement. Thank you!

8'-6" 6 weight

An all around good nymphing rod. Took the 6 weight, I built, in high water conditions and it performed well. Protected 5x tippett on a wild brown well over 20". For the price a well performing rod. The only improvement I would reccomend, is a stronger butt section. I think it would improve this rod's streamer throwing capabilities. Which is a must with any 6 weight in my opinion.

Nice looking rel!

I haven't had time to fish with this new reel, yet. But it looks great and appears to be well made with very good tolerances.

Go to rod

I have numerous rods in my collection but none as unique as the Clout 9' 5 weight. I have fished with it for a number of years and it is now my "go to" rod for everything from rivers to lakes, big fish and small. The sensitivity of the rod right down into the grip is remarkable.

Flex Saltwater Blank
10wt Saltwater Rod

I built a Flex 10wt for Saltwater and used it on a recent trip to Stuart, FL. I built the rod with a REC Reel Seat, a Winn composite grip, Pac-Bay single foot guides, and used Reddington Behemoth reel filled with Rio Outbound Short Tropical 10 wt. F/I line.

The outfit is well balanced, casts large weighted flies (Clousers) well both in-shore and near-shore situations. We landed snook, jacks and Spanish Mackerel on that trip, and the rod worked great.

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