For over 45 years Diamondback has had a history of producing high quality performance driven fly rods creating a distinguished and valued brand for anglers around the globe. From the very beginning our goals were simple, make the best fly rods on the water creating highly satisfied customers and sharing in the great moments this great sport and passion provides.

The Diamondback tradition has always pushed boundaries from the ground up to be most distinctive, eye catching, best casting rods on the market, producing Dynamic Rods for Dynamic Anglers.  

Our entire team enjoys spending time in nature as much as you do and it’s often out there where our greatest inspirations comes from. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or someone just starting out, Diamondback offers a selection of rods that exceeds expectations in quality, value and performance along with an honest pride in ownership.

Make time to live your life… and just one more cast!

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8' #4 Clout (fast)

This is a really nice rod. When I first saw this rod I thought, "This is different". And having used it a couple of times I still think so. In spite of having "Fast" printed on the blank it is a far cry from an unresponsive, useless broomstick. It is sensitive, bends deeply into the handle, loads up weel and releases the power in an elegant and smooth manner, yet with sufficient brawn. The swing weight feels light, and I feel confident when casting tight loops into the wind. The handle has been easy to get used to, and I hardly notice the different feeling in the hand anymore. Instead I enjoy the benefits of it: The blank working more freely, good grip with wet and/or slimy hands, and the absense of the cork creaking when put under stress as is often the case with massive handles. I can safely say that I recommend this rod.

Meeker Glass Blank

Silent and smooth

Love this reel. For the bucks, this is probably the best reel I own. the drag is smooth. I dont know what they put in it but it's as smooth as my Lamsons and Abels. I got it as a backup reel but it's never left my Lake rod since.

Seriously good fun

What a blank! What a rod! I got both the 6'6" and 8' #5. Both rods are perfect in terms of how much they bend yet how much power they still have. I started out with glass way back and I thought going back to glass may be more romantic than anything. That's not the case. These are my goto rods now for trout in small to medium size rivers and stillwaters.

Exceptional Rod for the Price.

Purchased the 7' 6" 3wt option version of this rod for fishing small brush lined streams and creeks with limited backcast room. The View has proven to be an excellent buy for the price, it casts well, is very sensitive, and has proven capable of handling fish well. If all of Diamondback's rods are of this quality or better then you can't possibly go wrong, why spend twice as much or more for a rod of the same caliber?