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Our story started in 1983 when we manufactured the first carbon and glass fly rods in Vermont. From the very beginning we believed that handcrafting each rod in small batches added to its uniqueness. We also knew that every rod that we made will have its own tale. What makes a diamond special is the journey that it takes, what starts out as simple carbon emerges as something unique and beautiful, it is often imitated, but never replicated.

Over the years our product portfolio has expanded, but our focus has remained on a lot of what makes  diamonds, not unlike our rods unique – their elegance, durability, and value that transcends time.

One of our founders heard a story passed through local Native American lore – that the diamondback adds a unique pattern resembling a diamond every epoch and that their presence indicates a story of perseverance, a trait not only important to the trade of manufacturing rods, but to that of fishing.

Our mission is simple…to imagine and manufacture finely built fly fishing rods and reels at a price that fishermen can afford. We craft our rods in hopes that they inspire a sense of adventure and stir a desire to start writing your own story.

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